Sticky DiMascio / May 20, 2019

RIPUL Mixed 2019 - 1 week away!


RIPUL Starts a week from today! Hopefully everyone is excited and ready to start a fun summer of ultimate! I'm sure everyone has been reached out to by their captains at this point. Just some important things to remember for this season:

Games are to 17, no win by 2. Games are played on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting no later than 6:25pm. Soft caps will be at 8:05pm and hard cap at 8:20pm. NO ZONE for the first 2 weeks of games. Field maps and locations are on the RIPUL site.

The end of season tournament will be held at Rehoboth Youth Soccer fields on Saturday August 10th. A big change for this year is that we will have POOL PLAY instead of a straight bracket play. This will give teams more meaningful games rather than just a 1-and-done bracket. More details will come out closer to the tournament date.

In the event of rain cancelling games, we will email everyone (via this announce list) and post on Facebook that games are cancelled. The call will be made before 4:30pm the day of. TRUST THIS PROCESS and do not email/message/text Matty or Sticky asking about cancellations; we will let everyone know if a cancellation is to occur.

The 2nd annual RIPUL Mixer will be on Saturday June 8th! There will be raffles, fundraisers, and good times! See the attached flyer for the details!

There will still be Pickup and Skills Clinic this Wednesday at 6pm at the Lincoln School! Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend!

We do have a Ride Share Doc, in case anyone needs a ride / can offer rides for each game:

Jerseys and discs should be in for game 1. Your captains will hand them out at your games.

That should be all the important stuff! The RIPUL site has been updated with everything you should need: league rules, sliding scale for gender ratio, etc. Be sure to bring up and questions or concerns to your captains during the season! Good luck this season!!

<3 Sticky