Sticky DiMascio / August 6, 2021

End of Season & Tournament


This summer flew by, and the end of the season is right around the corner. There's a few announcements to make so everyone is on the same page.

  1. RISING STAR SCHOLARSHIP is still accepting applications! You have until Monday August 9th to turn them in!

  2. We WILL be having the end of season tournament on Saturday August 14th, at the Rehoboth Youth Soccer fields (directions are on the RIPUL site). The tournament will last all day, so plan accordingly. First game is scheduled to start at 9am. We will be doing pool play, and the format will have pools with the following final seeds:

     Pool A: 1, 8, 9 (teams will have byes)
     Pool B: 2, 7, 10 (teams will have byes)
     Pool C: 3, 6, 11, 14
     Pool D: 4, 5, 12, 13

    Pools A & B will likely have games to 15, while Pools C & D will be games to 13. Pool winners will then be placed in a 4 team bracket for Semis & Finals. A full schedule will be sent out next week after the final regular season games.

    After finals, we will have pizza and watermelon for everyone, as well as a short awards ceremony and league picture. Be sure to plan to stick around for those to support your teammates!

  3. There WILL be a end of year gathering at the Guild in Pawtucket after the tournament. We unfortunately will NOT have the same building to ourselves as we have in years past, but will still have an area dedicated to us. Everyone is welcome (even if you are under 21; you just will not be served alcohol) and encouraged to attend! More details on that next week as well.

That should be it for now! Good luck in your final regular season games, and we will send out all the tournament information next week!

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