RIPUL Board / March 21, 2023

RIPUL 2023 - Captain Application


The time has come! The 2023 Captain’s Application is live!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to volunteer to be a RIPUL captain. Please be sure to fill out the form completely. We like to have each captain set be one Man-Matching Player and one Woman-Matching Player. You do NOT need to have a co-captain in mind when you sign up, but already having one does increase your odds of being selected to captain. The Board and Equity Committee will go through the applications to select the best fits.

There will be some rules on captain pairs that we will be enforcing:

  1. Each captain set will be comprised of one Man-Matching Player + one Woman-Matching Player
  2. Each captain pairing will only be allowed one baggage; no double baggages allowed
  3. Each captain pair will be in charge of drafting their own team from the pool of players. At the draft, there will be ‘draft helpers’ to help guide/suggest players if captains are truly stuck.

Important future dates to be mindful of (some are not 100% set in stone):

  • Mixed Player Signups: Likely April 12th
  • Lottery Drawing Announcements: Likely April 21st
  • Draft: Either May 2nd or May 3rd
  • Pre-season Learning Clinic: May 24th @ Lincoln Fields
  • First day of Games: May 29th

Another email will go out prior to signups going live, so everyone will be made aware of the official date. Hope everyone is excited for another wonderful summer of RIPUL!

-The RIPUL Board of Directors