RIPUL Board / February 21, 2023

RIPUL 2023 - Upcoming Season Notes!


We hope everyone is enjoying the off-season, and getting excited for RIPUL 2023! It will be here before you know it!

First off, we would like to congratulate Oliver Khamky, Amanda Khoo, and Steve Panasuik for becoming the newest members of the RIPUL Board! They will be great additions, and we look forward to working with them on bettering the league!

For this summer, we are going to implement many of the same policies as we did in 2022. We are still going to have the LOTTERY style signup. What that means is that each player will sign up and be put into a pool with every player that signs up. Once signups are closed, we will randomly pick the players (for both man- and woman-matching players) from the pool, and they will be the ones admitted into the league. For this, we will have sign-ups be open for 1 week, so there will be no mad dash to sign up at a particular time.

We will still employ the policy that players that recruit a new woman-matching player (new to RIPUL) will automatically get in! They will bypass the lottery pool and given a spot, and once they are all selected, the lottery process will start. Players that recruit a new woman-matching player will also get $20 back off their registration fee. New woman-matching players to RIPUL will also get in for $60 instead of $100!

One policy that we will be getting rid of is the need to be vaccinated. Players will no longer need to provide their vaccination cards to sign up anymore. While we do recommend that every player be vaccinated, it will no longer be a requirement.

We will be sending out the Captain Application in March. Players can volunteer to captain a team this summer, and the Board & Equity Committee will go through the applicants to select the best fits. Anyone is welcome to captain; captain pairs are one man-matching and one woman-matching player. If you sign up with a particular partner in mind, your odds of being selected are higher. But historically we have had people sign up without them and then be paired up with another player, so don’t let your lack of a partner scare you off from volunteering!

We are also looking to bring back the Open League this year. Games will likely be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting on May 30th. Anyone (either gender matching player) can play in Open League, and people are allowed to play in both Mixed and Open League. If there is enough interest in Open League that we would have to cap roster sizes (but not enough to add more teams), players that are NOT in the Mixed League will be given priority to play in the Open League. We tried to bring this back last year, but due to lack of interest, we had to cancel it. We are hoping that we will get enough interest!

Important dates to keep in mind:

  • Captain Application - Middle of March (likely around March 21st)
  • Player Application / Signups - Early/mid April (likely around April 12th)
  • Draft - 1st week of May
  • May 29th (Memorial Day) - First day of games (Mixed)
  • May 30th - First day of games (Open)
  • August 12th - Tournament (Mixed)
  • August 13th - Tournament (Open)

We hope everyone is pumped to play this summer! Be on the lookout for the Captains Application email going out next month. Thanks everyone!

-The RIPUL Board of Directors