RIPUL Board / May 26, 2023

RIPUL 2023 - Final Pre-Season Update!


First game is right around the corner, and we hope everyone is excited to start! There’s a few things we want people to be aware of this season before games begin.


Please acquaint yourself with the Dangerous Plays policy on the RIPUL site. Ultimate is a non-contact sport, and player safety is our top concern. If you have to make a risky layout or jump on top of someone to get a disc, chances are you shouldn’t be doing that. Please note that a Dangerous Play does NOT mean there has to be contact with another player: “The vast majority of dangerous play will involve contact between players. However, contact is not required for a player to invoke this rule where there is reasonable certainty that contact would have occurred had the player not taken steps to avoid contact. (Rules, 17.I.1.a.1)” The 3 strike policy is to help keep players safe and to penalize people who are playing recklessly. Please note the strikes and the penalties that go along with them.


We have a Spirit Shoutout form on the RIPUL website. Players are encouraged to ‘shout out’ a particular player during a game who maybe made a great catch/D/throw, or displayed some great spirit! Feel free to fill out multiple!

There is also an Incident Report Form. If any players notice something worth reporting (harmful language, inequitable playing time, making numerous bad calls on the field, etc), you are welcome to report it. Reports can be made anonymously. The RIPUL website has been updated to include the new forms.


RIPUL is all about meeting new people and having fun playing ultimate. The Equity Committee came up with an idea to help grow connectedness in the community and give players a chance to get to know the rest of the players in the league.

During each game, we will take a ‘team timeout’ at the 4-point mark. Teams will combine into a large huddle and do quick introductions: names, pronouns, match-up preference. It should only take a few minutes, and we are hoping this will help break down barriers for players to meet more people in the league.


Jerseys WILL be in for game 1! They will be handed out on Monday, as well as discs for each player.

-The RIPUL Board of Directors

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