League Rules

  1. Games start at 6:15pm
  2. Soft Cap at 8:05pm (8pm in August). Add two to highest score, play to that number or to 17, whichever is lower.
  3. Hard Cap at 8:20pm (8:15pm in August). Finish point in progress, then game over.
  4. There is no prescribed gender ratio, and no requirement to match genders.
  5. Two timeouts per half. If it's a particularly hot day with low subs, captains can agree to more timeouts.
  6. No timeouts in cap. Calling timeout when you don't have one is not an automatic turnover, but adds +3 to the stall count. If that brings the stall over 10, it is a turn.
  7. Games to 17, no win by two.
  8. Forfeit counts as a 5-0 victory.
  9. If a player makes a call or fails to make a call out of ignorance of the rules, captains should assist.
  10. Captains should make sure everyone is getting equal playing time.
  11. Captains are only allowed to pick up players should their team be in jeopardy of forfeiting due to lack of players. Both sets of captains must agree to the pick up.
  12. Keep our field locations beautiful; pick up trash!
  13. Tip the waitstaff at the Merrill.

USA Ultimate 2020-2021 Official Rules

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